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Former McDonald’s Chef Says You Should Always Order A Steamed Bun


Photo: AFP

An ex-McDonald’s chef has been all over TikTok with tips and tricks to make your next visit to the Golden Arches better.

Mike Haracz has now posted another TikTok video urging folks to request a steamed bun the next time they order a burger.

He said “You need to go to your McDonald’s and order a double cheeseburger or a McDouble and then you need to request a steamed bun. I need you to try it. I know you’re going to love it and you’re going to say to yourself “Why have I never tried this steamed bun hack before?”

Later in the video, Mike says, “It’s hotter and I feel it lets you taste more of the ingredients on the burger.”

A commenter on the video said that ordering the steamed bun “will change your life” and another said the finished product was “the best” McDonald’s burgers.

Now, here's the deal, it might be a little tough to order the steamed bun because sometimes the request can be refused because the steam machines are broken and others said there was an extended wait to get their burgers. However, a fan sums it up by saying “I always order a steamed bun... The order takes longer but it’s worth it.”

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